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How to Join

What is The Spitfire Society?

The Spitfire Society was founded in March, 1984 by former Spitfire pilot Group Captain David Green. Its original purpose was to link people throughout the world whose lives had in some way been concerned with the legendary WW2 fighter. Since achieving the status of a nationally Registered Charity (299033), the Society has widened its horizons. It now encourages the interest of the many aviation enthusiasts of all ages who wish to support its aims:

To encourage students of aeronautics, astronautics, aviation history and associated subjects in their interest.

To research, study and assess the educational and historical value of information relating to the Spitfire, its design, development and operations.

To disseminate accurate information of historical and educational value on aeronautical subjects by means of presentations, seminars, lectures and the publication of books and articles.

Or let me put it another way:

Do you like aeroplanes? Yes? Good start. Do you like Spitfires? Yes? Even better. Can you tell the difference between a MK Vb and a MK Vc at 200 paces? No? Me neither.

What I'm trying to say is that it doesn't matter if you're not a walking information database on Spitfires. If you're enthusiastic about aviation and fancy the idea of hanging out with Spitfire pilots and like-minded people - then come and join us - we'd love to hear from you.

You can join online at the HQ site: www.spitfiresociety.org

If you have any problems or questions, you can email me here:


Photograph courtesy of Garry Lakin

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