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front cover


This is the story of Battle of Britain pilot Brian Kirk and some of his contemporaries from the north east of England, told through reference to a considerable amount of correspondence - thankfully preserved by the Kirk family. To link it together, the author has largely avoided using his own views and imgaginings and has instead used extracts from other pilots' books - all of which are scrupulously credited. These, together with many extracts from various Operational Record Books, make for an interesting and often poignant narrative. For me this approach has worked very well.

The book is well illustrated, again with input from the Kirk family archive, and the author does not use what we now refer to as photos of a 'generic' nature. The photographic reproduction is excellent and in fact production vaues in general reflect great credit on all concerned.

There are some irritating repetitive spelling mistakes, but it is often not easy to decide which of the authors is the culprit. There are also some other errors such as a Tiger Moth being a 'wooden aircraft' powered by a 'Gypsy Moth Major' engine, but none of this detracts from the value of this book.

I wholeheartedly recommend this book, not only to those with an interest in the Battle of Britain, but also to those who enjoy reading about the period in general.

Steve Williams April 2022

Copies can be obtained directly from the author. Enquiries to: theaviatorsbookshed@protonmail.com

£20 for the soft back and £30 for the hard back. Signed copies available on request. Postage is an additional £2.90


front cover

Published by Mitor Publications. Author/historian Richard C. Smith ISBN: 978-1-5272-6986-6 Format: Softback Dimensions: 257 x 197 Pages: 256 370 black & white photographs. Price: £13.99 plus £5.50 P&P

To order copies of this book contact Mitor Publications Website at mitorpublications.co.uk or if paying by cheque to Mitor Publications 20 Theydon Gardens, Rainham, Essex RM13 7TU. Email: mitor1940@gmail.com. Please note Author Signed Copies are available at no extra charge 35% Discount to all bookshops, museums etc, with 30 days invoice payment on all orders


Another book about Biggin Hill? Well, yes, but please read on. For those of you unacquainted  with the work of Richard C.Smith, he has been ploughing a lone furrow for many years through his Mitor Publications business, specialising in the history of the R.A.F. in the London area. The subtitle is an accurate description of this book, for there is very little main text and it mostly consists of extended captions to a large number of illustrations. The photographs are of a decent size, the reproduction also being of a high standard, and, whilst many are often seen, others are not familiar.

There are a few niggling errors. A Hawker Demon is described as a Hart, there is a reference to a "Blackburn" Prentice and a few names are misspelt, but all in all I liked this book.

Steve Williams January 2021


Action Stations

We all know how difficult it is to get a flight in a 2 seat Spitfire. But what if I told you that you can now be part of a Spitfire aerial display - and be in the air yourself! Steve Burt at Action Stations is now offering you a chance to fly in a helicopter over the cliffs of Dover, while our own Flt Lt Charlie Brown displays his Spitfire BM597 around, above and below you.

'When the Spitfire came into sight, it was as if I was transported back into the Battle of Britain. At times, the plane comes so close, it is as if you can reach out and shake the pilot's hand.'

This is a dream come true for all Spitfire enthusiasts. Go and visit Steve's site and help support this incredible venture.

Action Stations


Spitfire Survivors - Then and Now

Volume I of this highly recommended book was given its first outing on the 26th March 2011 at Shoreham Airport at the aerojumble marquee. All three authors were present signing copies of the full colour version.

Update: Authors were signing copies at Duxford Flying Legends on Saturday 9th July 2011 at the Aviation Bookshop stand.

From left to right, Peter Arnold, Gordon Riley and Graham Trant

Picture courtesy of John Goodman

Further details of this 2 volume set can be found here:

Spitfire Survivors


Air Café, Brno, Czech Republic

On a recent visit to the Czech Republic, I was fortunate enough to be introduced to the Air Café in Brno. It was like walking into an RAF museum. There are display cases everywhere packed full of original WW2 items, many of which are linked to Czech pilots. Pictures and more exhibits adorn every inch of the walls and you can quite easily spend a whole afternoon/evening there just soaking up the atmosphere. An added bonus for me was that it also serves the finest Czech beers - I heartily recommend a pint or two of Svijany. Even if you were not intending to go to Brno, a trip to the Czech Republic would not be the same without stopping off at the Air Café. Tell Albert, the owner, that I have sent you - I promise that you will be well looked after.  G.C.

 Air Café


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